I have a dear friend who is 85. He had a kidney removed 5 years ago and has been told that his remaining kidney is at “end stage”. His physician (I’m not sure if she is a nephrologist) told him that dialysis would only extend his life by 6 months. Other than the kidney problems, his only real health issue is arthritis. I understand that you cannot make a recommendarion without reviewing a complete record, but would dialysis generally be recommended or is there really only 6 mo left for him?

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present.  The decision to start dialysis is a decision for your friend and the nephrologist who is advising your friend.  I am unable to provide a prognosis based on the limited information that you present.  Dialysis is generally performed on someone who has symptoms of kidney failure.  Your friend must consult with a nephrologist to see if dialysis would be of any benefit.

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