My 12 year old daughter has recently been diagnosed with TMD & and is a sickle cell trait carrier. She has had gross hematuria with frank blood for 6 weeks now, she has undergone a CT scan, ultrasound, Cystoscope by her pediatric Urologist, Kidney Biopsy & a Doppler ultrasound. Her left kidney seems to be the one causing the hematuria with this being the second episode of this which is what prompted the extensive testing and biopsy. Have you any information or can you guide me in the right direction so I can ensure I am researching factual information? As stated this is a new diagnosis and I want to ensure that I am doing everything I can do as a parent to accurately educate my self and my daughter on what this all means in twelve year old terms.

I am not familiar with the acronym “TMD”.  This is not a medical abbreviation that I use or am familiar with.  Patients with sickle cell trait may have bleeding into the urine from papillary necrosis of the kidney.  There is a medical summary of sickle cell disease that has been review by the National Institutes of Health at:

It is a medical article but has factual information.


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