My mum did a stomach scan and the result shows that she has poor medullary differntiation in both kidney which measures left kidney =111mm x 46mm and the right kidney= 102mm x 45mm. Please, what is the cause and how can it be cured?

The ultrasound test (stomach scan) looks at sound waves to determine the echos coming from the kidney.  The changes in the differentiation between cortex and the medulla of the kidney (medullary differentiation) may not be of any concern.  I suggest that you review this with your mother’s physician.  This may not be any problem at all and may be a normal finding.  In some cases, loss of medullary differentiation can suggest an interstitial nephritis, but I cannot make that distinction without examining the films myself and examining your mother.  I suggest you consult with your mother’s physician and perhaps consult with the radiologist who interpreted the scan.

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