My potassium level was chronically around 5.5. My GFR was 32-35. My BUN was usually normal & creatinine was about 1.25-1.4. I was prescribed Sodium Bicarb 2 times a day. Now my BUN is around 45-48 & creatinine is 1.8-1.9. Could the Sodium Bicarb be contributing to the rise in my BUN & creatinine? Should I ask my doctor for a Potassium Binding Agent instead of the Sodium Bicarb? I live in a small town & worry if my doctors are able to keep up with the must current evidence based treatments.

Sodium bicarbonate is used to correct the acid balance in your blood.  It should be used to try and maintain your total carbon dioxide level (total CO2) to greater than 22 milliequivalents per liter (mEq/L).  It should not cause any change in your creatinine or the blood urea nitrogen (BUN).  I am unable to provide a reason for your change in kidney function testing based on the  information that you provide.

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