I have urine problem from last six months. At beginning blood came in my urine then Doctor gave me antibiotics and other medical treatment for 15 day but next pain start when my bladder full in my bladder and in my penis area. When I go to pass urine from last six month same position but blood came only once at beginning. All test including cystoscope and blood test normal. A urine cytology also normal kidney blood test also normal. I have also CT scan and it shows that I have simple two cysts in each kidney like 7 to 8 mm size but have urine problem. All three Doctors says different. Some said prostatitis, some says infection but no one diagnosed clear. All three I changed gave antibiotics every time and inflammation drugs. My year back ultrasound showed no cysts in kidney. I have regular medical check up because I am working as a pilot. Please advise me. My prostate size is on normal limits but on borderline. I am fed up with all this. Please advise me what should I do?

The problem that you describe appears to be a urological problem.  I am a nephrologist and have no expertise in the bladder or the prostate.  I suggest that you consult with a urologist.  I am unable to provide a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present.

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