My husband is 68 and has genetic cardiomyopathy. Recently he has been diagnosed with blood sugar. Earlier he had a borderline blood glucose level but within normal range. Currently his readings are 194 fasting and 220 PP. His HBA1C level for past 3 months is 9. The doctor prescribed an ARC test and a spot urine ARC revealed Urinary Microalbumin in spot urine: 44.51 mg/dl; Urinary Creatinine in spot urine: 157.4 mg/dl; and Urinary Microalbumin: Urinary Creatinine 282.78 mcg/mg. My question is how advanced the stage is and can further deterioration of kidneys be stopped if not reversed? Also what kind of diet should he consume and how much water intake is allowed? I’m worried about his health. Please advice.

Your husband appears to have an excess of albumin in his urine and this is likely due to his diabetes.  A normal albumin to creatinine ratio is less than 30 and the number you provide is 283.  His diabetes is poorly controlled and his Hemoglobin A1c should be between 6 and 7%.  The number you provide is 9.  I am unable to make any further diagnosis based on the information that you provide. He should be following a low salt and diabetic diet.  Your husband should consult with a dietitian for further recommendations about adjusting his diet.  Your husband should continue to consult with his physician about treatment of the protein in his urine and attempt to get better control of his diabetes.  His blood pressure should be less than 130/80.  There is no limitation on the water and fluid that he should consume.

I suggest further consultation with his physician.

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