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Hello doc! My daughter is one and a half month old. She is having hydronephrosis plus hydroureter. The neurologist has recommended a test in which a tube will be passed inside her to check the actual problem. She is passing normal urine. An ultrasound concluded that the left side kidney is having a wrong replacement of its tube which connects the kidney with the bladder. That tube is going in the wrong direction. My question “Is this test safe for a one month old baby?

I am an adult nephrologist and do not see children or infants.  I suggest you consult with a pediatrician or a pediatric urologist. For more information on Children’s health click here: Advertisements

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Does sodium bicarbonate increase serum sodium level?

Sodium bicarbonate taken as a pill by mouth should not result in an increase in the blood sodium concentration.  

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Hi, I have an eGFR of 69. My creatinine level is 123. Ultrasound result is good. My urinalysis is negative for protein. I am 50 years old male black. With these findings, is it fair to say I have CKD stage 2?

I am unable to make any diagnosis of chronic kidney disease (CKD) based on the information that you present.

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I have dialysis on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday for 3 and a half hours. Question, can I miss one session on Wednesday?

You should not miss scheduled dialysis sessions.  Missing one session leads to a greater risk of illness and death. For more information on dialysis click here:

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I am a kidney transplant patient and done surgery 10 years back and now spending a normal life. But 3 months ago, my testosterone level became low and the doctor advised me medicine for the same. My question, is the medicine is safe for me or otherwise, being a patient of kidney transplant?

Testosterone replacement treatment is safe for patients with a kidney transplant as long as the blood levels of your transplant medications are monitored carefully after you start the replacement therapy.  

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I am a 55 year old female. I have been lifting weights for 35 years. I am near normal weight, am not diabetic, have always had low blood pressure, and I don’t smoke. Up until three months ago I was working out three or four times a week. I went to the doctor because I felt awful. My gfr was 56 in October, 49 in November, and now it is 46. My creatinine was 1·08, 1.22, and 1.27, respectively. My urine creatinine was 76.3 mg/dl and total 1583 mg in 24 hours. I have not been lifting weights, taking in extra protein, or using NSAIDS. I have never had elevated creatinine or low gfr in the past. Everyone, including my doctor, keep telling me that I don’t have CKD and that it’s just because I’m muscular. In the past three months my body composition has gone from less muscle to more fat but my numbers are getting worse. How can I determine definitively whether I have CKD or not? Thank you.

It is commonly very difficult to diagnose early Stage 3 chronic kidney disease (CKD), especially when the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) is between 45 and 60 milliliters per minute per 1.73 meters squared.  I recommend that you also have … Continue reading

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I am a healthy 48 yr. old female with no history of DM or HTN. I did, however, have preeclampsia at the very end of my last pregnancy eight years ago. I recently had a urinalysis done and had some abnormals. I’m wondering if the following could be caused by urine contamination? My doctor is not concerned, and is attributing this to urine contamination. Appearance: hazy, specific gravity >1.030; protein 30; blood, trace; leuk esterace, small; WBC, 0-2; RBC, 0-5; bacteria, few; mucous threads present, squamous epethelial cells, 11-30. I am most concerned about the proteinuria and was wondering it this could be due to contamination as well. Thanks in advance for your response.

I cannot make a specific diagnosis based on the urinalysis that you provide.  I would suggest retesting the urine.  The urine is very concentrated.  I suggest that you request repeat testing by consulting your physician. For more information on tests … Continue reading

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I am 70 and have kidney cysts. I also have been diagnosed with interstitial nephritis (distal). My e-GFR is in the upper 40’s, and I have a very low (1.002) specific gravity. I have some proteinuria–mainly after exercise. I have recently only had dipstick urine tests, nothing quantitative. have also been diagnosed with Sjogren’s. Recently I met with a new nephrologist. she believes I have a recently discovered disorder called an HNF-Beta 1 mutation. People with this supposedly have renal cysts, pancreatic insufficiency (pancreatic hypoplasia), hypomagnesemia, liver disorders, urogenital malformations, increased transaminases, and maturity onset diabetes. I do have pancreatic insufficiency which has been attribute to sjogren’s, and occasional increased AST. Otherwise I do not have the features of this disease. I am very leery of this new diagnosis. I have found some literature on it, but not too much. It has been researched, it seems primarily in Europe. I want to learn more and get another opinion. Are you familiar with this disorder? Do you know where it is being studied? I would also like to know your opinion on using dipstick methods to determine the protein/creatinine ratio in a person with low specific gravity. Do labs do quantitative tests any more? Thanks.

I am not familiar with the genetic disorder known as HNF-Beta 1.  I have not previously recognized anyone with this disease.  I am not aware of anyone studying this disease.  I also do not recommend dipstick evaluation of proteinuria.  It … Continue reading

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