I am a healthy 48 yr. old female with no history of DM or HTN. I did, however, have preeclampsia at the very end of my last pregnancy eight years ago. I recently had a urinalysis done and had some abnormals. I’m wondering if the following could be caused by urine contamination? My doctor is not concerned, and is attributing this to urine contamination. Appearance: hazy, specific gravity >1.030; protein 30; blood, trace; leuk esterace, small; WBC, 0-2; RBC, 0-5; bacteria, few; mucous threads present, squamous epethelial cells, 11-30. I am most concerned about the proteinuria and was wondering it this could be due to contamination as well. Thanks in advance for your response.

I cannot make a specific diagnosis based on the urinalysis that you provide.  I would suggest retesting the urine.  The urine is very concentrated.  I suggest that you request repeat testing by consulting your physician.

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