Hi! I found out a year ago that I have Stage 3 CKD. It was most defeating when I found that out, as I also found out on that same day that my “Harvoni” Hep C treatment cured my liver. So, the “joy” of learning about the Hep C being gone was in the same phone call my doc told me of the CKD. I have lived 37…yes…37 years with being HIV too. The learning of the CKD has “put me over the edge”. I am tired of “tracking diseases”. I see no sense in going on a kidney diet, as basically from what I have learned, CKD is a “tick-tock” to dialysis. (insanity to opt in for that). So, I am wondering how long I may live with stage 3 CKD being I will not go on dialysis.

It is impossible to provide a prognosis based on the information that you provide.  Stage 3 chronic kidney disease (CKD) is an early stage of kidney disease.  I suggest that you continue to consult with your physician on how best to delay the progression of your CKD.  I suggest that you also seek to understand the cause of the CKD and that you be provided with a specific diagnosis of your CKD, if that is possible.  There are some types of CKD that are associated with Hepatitis C (HEP C) and with your recent treatment for HEP C, the disease may be slowed or arrested as a result of the successful treatment.


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