I have an extarenal pelvis. I had a mag 3 renogram which showed that there was no blockage but also a split kidney function of 62 to 38 per cent. Is this a normal result where there is one normal kidney and one with an extra renal pelvis, or does it indicate something else is going on? My GP said I had a lazy kidney, but I don’t understand what this means and if it can be made un-lazy. Could there be a connection between the lazy kidney or extrarenal pelvis and the mild pericardial effusion that I also have?

An extrarenal pelvis should be no consequence for kidney function.  If one kidney is smaller than the other, then there can be a difference in the perfusion scan.  I suggest that you consult with your physician for further clarification. It might be necessary to consult with a urologist for further diagnosis and clarification.


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