I have end stage kidney disease. I am on my 2nd night at home doing CAPD treatments. Five years ago my colon was removed. My bowel movements have never come back to normal since then. I have had very loose bowel movements since having my colon removed but never felt like I had diarrhea or was going to the bathroom too much, Yesterday and today I just keep having this feeling of being full and my bowel movements have increased tremendously. I feel like my bowels have to move even when I don’t have to go . I also have a tremendous amount of gas which I have never had before. Is this normal and is it maybe the extra fluid left in my peritoneal cavity during the day pressing on these organs? Can I have different affects to this part of my body organs from the dialysis than someone who has a colon?

The fluid that is in your abdomen that is being used for peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) will give you a sensation of having pressure in your pelvic and anal area for a time.  This is relatively common symptom and will usually get better with time.  The fact that you do not have a colon, also makes frequently soft and liquid stools a common outcome.  The colon is responsible for removing most of the water from the stool and making it more solid.  Once you do not have a colon, the amount of liquid in the stool will increase.  The catheter that is in your abdomen and that you use to instill peritoneal dialysis fluid into your abdomen is sitting right next to your rectum and this will cause the sensation that you are experiencing.  If this does not improve, then you may need to discuss this with your nephrologist.

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