My mom has creatinine kidney issue. Right now her creatinine is 1.59. She is 64 yrs old. She has gone for angiography and angioplasty (one stent in heart). After that, this creatinine issue starts. My mom’s doctor suggest to have only 4 gm salt per day, but sometimes my mom consume salty product more than 4 gm per day. We find some swelling on eye or legs. She is have some medicines names as: Ecosprin Av 120+50, Cardivas 3.125, Sobisis forte, Dactor 10mg, Zytanit 2.5, nefromega. My question is how to lower my mom creatinine kidney issue? How to come out of it? And also let me know is it serious?

I cannot make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present.  I am unable to make treatment recommendations without performing a complete history and physical examination.  There is no specific treatment that will lower the serum creatinine test.  The best thing to do is continue to follow with your mother’s physician and monitor her kidney function to see if it will improve.  She must carefully treat her heart disease and follow the physician’s advice.

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