Good Morning, I have a question that I have been trying hard to find the answer to but haven’t found anyone to help. My husband has many medical issues but after a urine test in July of 2015 revealing a albumin/creatinine ratio of 241 (tagged as critical), another test about a month ago revealed the ratio was up to 810.8! The primary doctor’s decision on this was to wait another four weeks and take another urine sample… My question is… how bad is bad? Is this a situation where the doctor is waiting too long to do anything about it? He’s had foamy urine for over a year now and, although I’ve brought it up every time we see the doctor, it’s been ignored. Without going into the details, I think, to help you understand our situation, my husband is being treated by the VA. Any information you can give us on this will be much appreciated. Thanks.

With increasing protein in the urine, further testing may be needed.  If the protein continues to increase, a kidney biopsy may be necessary.  I suggest that you ask if your husband needs to see a nephrologist and if a kidney biopsy would help to make a specific diagnosis and might lead to proper treatment.



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