Hi, I went through your website and thought it will be very helpful for me if you suggest something. My age is 29 years, Male. I was having very excessive alcohol daily since last 5 years. But for the last 10 months I started having pain in my stomach as well on my back sometimes (not severe or regular) and my bad that I still continued the intake of excessive alcohol. Last week I had a tooth ache due to which I had 7-8 very strong pain killers regularly for 3 days with the regular drinking. Since last three days I am having ammonia taste in my mouth. Also I have back kidney pain on the both sides. I have stopped drinking and have decided to discontinue it completely. Can my body cure itself ? (I want to avoid going to the doctor as my family would know about it) What are the foods I need to eat and not to eat ? I am already having lots of water. Can you please provide me healthy food guide for this so that my body recovers quickly? How long it would take to recover from this on it’s own? If the situation worsen I would definitely go for lab tests and Doctor. But as of now I hope my body can recover by itself.

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present.  It is possible that you have kidney disease or liver disease, but I cannot tell based on the information that you present.  I suggest that you seek evaluation by your physician.

For more information on Alcohol & Your kidneys click here:

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