HI, I’ve been on PD dialysis for little over 3 months and I’m a little concerned about the iodine from the transfer cap going into my peritoneal cavity. I am dry during the day and when I start my therapy, I watch the iodine go back into me. My other concern is my initial drain is usually 20ml and I don’t think it makes it through the patient extention line therefore it is returning into me with the iodine with the first fill. Is this dangerous and isn’t it just putting back in the waste it took out?

The povidone iodine used to disinfect the cover cap of the transfer set is not a problem and can be placed in the abdomen without ill effect.  There is iodine naturally in your body and this small amount will not result in any ill effect.  As far as blood cleaning, your physician should be measuring the blood cleaning ability of your dialysis every 3 or 4 months by doing a 24 hour urine and dialysate collection to determine the adequacy of your dialysis.  You should discuss this with your nephrologist.


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