Hi Doctor, My uncle (60) has been suffering from CKD recently and his creatinine levels are 8 currently. He is diabetic and his bp is fluctuating ( which we suspect is cause of CKD ). He has undergone two sittings of dialysis, one on Wednesday and another, the next day of this month. Doctor says there is no other option but to undergo dialysis for rest of his life. My first question is will these two dialysis sessions alone, bring the creatinine levels down?. And second Is, are there any alternative for this process (dialysis)? As we all know dialysis is a pretty frightening process for the patient and can be depressing at times.

Dialysis does decrease the blood creatinine concentration, but it will again increase between dialysis sessions.  The only options are dialysis and transplantation.  It is possible to refuse dialysis and continue to be ill from chronic kidney disease (CKD).  Your uncle should decide what he wants to do.  He will  need to discuss long term options with his nephrologist.

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