I am currently on dialysis three times a week. I have only one kidney as one was taken out due to a botched hysterectomy. My kidney failure is due to antibiotics used in treating hospital acquired pseudonomas bacteria pneumonia. I have been on dialysis for 5 years now. Ever since the first day that I started I have to stop the machine or sign out early because I cannot hold my urine any longer. This is getting to be very aggravating. I also have had numerous UTI’s as holding my urine for sometimes 2 hours gives me a bladder infection. My blood work for potassium and phosphorus are good on the high end of the last level before it is high. I read on a paper today that the only way phosphorus leaves the body is through a functioning kidney or through your binders. I have never taken binders as they hurt my stomach and cause worse constipation. My question is Could I safely have my time on the machine cut? They do not pull any water off of me, they say they are cleaning my blood? They have cut the time before. I am on 3.5 hrs. I want to know if you think 30 min would hurt as it would make my sitting there holding my urine a little more tolerable. The doctors at that dialysis center will not listen.

The duration of your treatment is based on two things.  It is based on getting your blood clean with each treatment and also removing the fluid weight that you gain between dialysis treatments.  If your phosphorus is still high, and you cannot take phosphate binders, then the only other way to remove phosphorus from your blood is with dialysis.  The doctors (nephrologists) at the kidney center are ordering the duration of your dialysis based on your monthly chemistries. Hence, I would follow their advice.  Another possibility is to consider dialysis at home where you get to design the dialysis around your schedule.  I suggest that you ask your physicians about home dialysis.


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