My father-in-law was biopsied and found his system was attacking his kidneys and had 6% kidney function, went on dialysis for 3 weeks to see if kidneys would kick start. He did intravenous steroid drip for 3 days & continued steroid pill and still is taking it. The MD at skilled care gave him the choice to continue steroids to feel alert/appetite. He was told dialysis did not improve health and no kidney function. He stopped dialysis on 12/30/2016 and was told he had up to 2 weeks to live. He had no urine output. On 01/05/2017 he started to have abdominal, back & leg edema, if pressure was placed, fluid would seep through the skin. On 01/06/17 he voided clear. He has a great appetite and has BM’s approx every 3 days. Since fluid retention is not getting worse and with releasing toxins, is he improving due to the steroids he is still taking? Should we be contacting his Nephrologist?

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present.  Your father-in-law will need to consult with a nephrologist to see if he is having return of kidney function or if there is still a problem that the steroids did not address.  Blood and urine testing of his kidney function will be necessary to answer your question.

For more information on Tests to measure kidney function click here:

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