Hi, I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in July. My gfr was 57. I’ve had diabetes for years and keep it under control. The doctor said the diabetes caused the kidney disease. In October, the gfr was still 57. I went to a dietitian and changed my eating habits & I’m exercising. I’ve went from 178 to 155. My cholesterol glucose, & a1c have all dropped. This time when I went my gfr was 51 but all my other numbers went down again. The doctor wasn’t concerned and said he’d watch it. He said drink lots of water before my lab work but I did this time because they have trouble finding my veins. I know the gfr can go up and down but is this much normal (from 57 to 51 in 3 months)? I’m concerned because all my other numbers went down. My doctor has done no other tests he is just assuming the diabetes caused this. Should I get a 2nd opinion? Also should I be seeing a kidney specialist at this stage? My doctor says no he’ll just tell me to do what I’m doing. Thanks for your time.

There is always some laboratory variability to any blood test and the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) may vary from time to time.  The variance that you see is not unusual.  You should also have urine testing for protein in your urine to follow up on diabetic kidney disease.  I recommend that you continue to follow your doctor’s advice, carefully control your blood pressure and your diabetes.  You are doing the most important things by exercising, controlling your diet and have regular testing.

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