I just read an old report of a blood test. The Doctor never said anything to me, but I had high protein in my urine and a few other things. They wrote possible kidney renal problems. This was taken at 52, I’m now going to be 54. I have had alot of bladder infections and one with my blood when i was younger. I had a scope of my bladder and I see a urologist for infections due to intercourse. They once said I had blood coming from my kidneys. No followup. I take prescription for infections when needed. I also don’t urinate all day then when I lay down I urinate alot. I do have marks on my legs from my socks and impression of fingers of swelling when you press on my legs. Should I be concerned? Get more tests? Sugar is good, actually I have low blood pressure.

I suggest that you have a urine test for blood, protein and infection sometime when an infection is not present and you should also have blood testing for creatinine testing and estimating your glomerular filtration rate (eGFR).  These tests will tell you if you do or do not have kidney disease.

Tests to measure kidney function click here:

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