Hello, I have a concern for my best friend/sister. She is a 45 year old mother with kidney disease that has been monitored for several years. They have allowed her kidney function to go down to 8%. I am afraid that they are going to continue to drag their feet and let her die. She has potential donors, one is possible match but they have done nothing to complete his testing and prepare for her transplant. I know she is so afraid and doesn’t know what to do, me neither. We need a blessing, can you help point us in the right direction?

I cannot make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present.  Her kidney function is very low and she may benefit from dialysis.  In order to get a kidney transplant, she must first be evaluated by a transplant center to see if she is a transplant candidate.  Once she is on the list, further testing of potential donors can be undertaken.  I suggest that she consult with her nephrologist to plan for both dialysis and transplantation.

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