I was a live donor for my ex-husband and so my kidney functions are checked regularly. About three months ago my creatinine level through blood test was .52. My last test a week ago was 1.06. It’s more than doubled in just three months! What can I ingest that will have a positive impact on my kidney function and hopefully bring this level back down? I have already stopped drinking tap water, which is full of chlorine and other toxins, and switched to spring water bottled at the source. No pork ever. I eat mostly fruit and vegetables. I recently stopped eating these out of the can, just in case of chemicals, and switched to fresh. About the only meat I eat is lean boneless, skinless chicken breast grown organically and flash frozen. I think if I don’t put poisons in my body to begin with, my kidney won’t have to work so hard. At 61 years old is there any other ideas you may have?

A serum creatinine test of 0.52 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl) seems a bit low for someone with only one kidney.  I suspect that this test may have been in error.  The level of 1.06 seems more believable.  The goal of treatment is not to keep the serum creatinine as low as possible but to prevent further damage to your remaining kidney.  I suggest repeat testing and discussion with your physician.


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