I’m a 44 year old female with a long history of an eating disorder. I had an abdominal ultrasound yesterday that showed my right kidney to be 9.3 cm in length, a thinning cortex of 5 mm and increased renal echogenicity. My left kidney wasn’t viewed. The ultrasound was performed in response to some minor issues with my creatinine levels and and increased alkaline phosphatase. I have also been dealing with very low Vitamin D levels, difficulty breathing, poor energy, pain in my chest, and this ridiculous itching, etc. Would you recommend that I follow up with a nephrologist?

I recommend that you consult with your physician and see if referral to a nephrologist is indicated.  You should have urine testing for kidney disease as well.  You may need further testing to see if you have a left kidney.

For more information on tests to measure kidney function click here:

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