Dear Doctor! I’m a Kidney patient (IgA Nephropathy). I want to get doctor’s advices for some foods. Sometime I hear someone says kidney patient shouldn’t drink vitamin A, because vitamin A is poison for kidneys. ( And sometime I hear vitamin A is very good foods. I have two questions: 1. Can I drink vitamin A or eat foods include vitamin A (example tomato…)? 2. Can I drink “Gac oil”? ( “Gac oil” include vitamin A, and I can eat or drink “gac oil”??? 3. Can I daily drinks vitamin C, B1, B6, B12 to prevent a cold or flu?

I am not a big fan of supplements.  I believe a healthy diet is best for you and can maintain a good blood pressure and healthy kidneys.  Hence, I recommend that you review the DASH diet.  I am a strong advocate for the DASH diet and you can review the DASH diet at:

Excessive doses of Vitamin A and Vitamin C can cause kidney injury, so rather that risking excessive doses, I recommend that you get these vitamins as part of a healthy diet. For more information on IgA nephropathy click here:

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