My husband began dialysis in January 2015. It all started when he was rushed to the hospital with an infection that spread throughout his whole body, causing him to have open heart surgery replacing his aortic valve along with end stage renal disease which was just a few of many problems. After two years of dialysis today was his last dialysis treatment. They said his numbers are good and is no longer in need of dialysis. Though I am so happy I am so worried at the same time. Is this possible. We have seen so many miracles in his recovery. They nicknamed him miracle man because of everything he has overcome. Can this be another miracle? Is this possible to regain kidney function where dialysis is no longer needed? I am a firm believer in prayer but I need reassurance that he will be safe coming off dialysis. Any input?

Patients with acute kidney injury may recover kidney function with time.  Recovery at 2 years is very unusual, but still possible.  If there was a 24 hour urine collection and your husband is still making urine, then he may be able to stop dialysis and have his blood tests and examination followed as an outpatient.

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