My wife had acute kidney failure 12 years ago that was directly related to taking too much ibuprofen. She was taking 800 mg every 4-6 hours for pain post surgery with a minimal amount of water. She did this for about 3-5 days until the pain became unbearable (presumably from her kidneys shutting down and urine retention). Upon admission, she had a creatinine of 8.0. After irrigating her kidneys and “restarting” them to say, her bun/creat and creatinine clearance reverted back to normal. To date, her bun/creat levels have remained at a steady “normal” level, about 18/0.9 respectively. The question I have is can she start taking ibuprofen again as long as she has an adequate amount of water, about 60 oz a day?

I would not recommend that she take ibuprofen if she has had previous experience with kidney failure related to ibuprofen.  There are many different mechanisms whereby ibuprofen can result in kidney failure.  I suggest that you discuss this with her current physician, who knows her history and can examine her.

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