I’m having hard time diagnosing if I’m a patient of kidney disease and at what stage or what type. I took high doses of vitamin D and natural intake of calcium i.e. Milk plus egg e.t.c and I used to regularly drink sodas. I think problem sparked there. First symptom was attack of sudden sensorineural hearing loss attack which recovered after 5 days to normal. I kept having these hearing loss attacks with the gap of sometime month or two months. The trigger I found was intake of dairy products and/or sodas-especially high phosphate drinks. This followed until I was prescribed prednisolone (corticosteroids) 24 days course by ENT. He figured I’ve autoimmune ear disease but attacks became more frequent and problem worsened. Following 5 months, I was prescribed homeopathic remedy of kali phosphoricum to strenghten my nerves but consequence of this was constant nightfall, arteries with neck fattened and back of the head pressure. Currently, my urine is foamy and dark but it’s crystal clear after semen discharge. Bone pain plus right arm being numb, irritation, possibly hypertension, loss of appetite, short of breath when lying on either side of body while sleeping, heart burn, frequent urination sometimes and sometimes not, constant nightfall, back pain for few days but it diminished. Another thing when there’s urge to urinate I feel pressure on back of head. I did a report for serum calcium to trace a problem and it came 11.0 with low vitamin D recently. I followed with PTH intact level which came back 46.57 with no sign of tumor on gland. To further diagnose, I had first spot urine phosphorus and calcium test which came lower than usual stating decreased renal excretion. To further proof this, I had 24 hrs urine calcium+phosphorus+ Urinary protein+ Micro Albumin spot+creatnine test + creatnine and phosphorus serum test. Results : Urine Volume: 1020 ml/24 hrs Phosphorus 317.22 mg/24hr Calcium 23.46 mg/24hr Urinary protein- NIL Micro albumin spot urine- afternoon – Positive (Approx 100 mg/l) Creatnine clearance 38.2ml/min Creatinine Serum: 2.3mg/dl Phosphorus Serum : 5.1 mg/dl Calcium Serum 11.0 mg/dl Sex: Male Age: 17 Height: 5’5/ 165 cm Race : Gujarati/ Indo-Aryan/ Color: Whitea

I am unable to provide a specific diagnosis based on the information that you provide.  It will be necessary for you to be seen and examined by your physician and possibly referred to a nephrologist.  Some of the testing that you mention suggests you could have chronic kidney disease (CKD).  You have a number of unusual symptoms and this will require a complete history and physical examination in order to provide a specific medical diagnosis.


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