My father-in-law (age 76) was just told he has an 11cm growth on one of his kidneys. After blood work and a CT scan, the doctors (Primary and Urologist) are telling him he has fluid around that kidney. Given my father-in-law’s prior heart attack (20 yrs. ago) and mini strokes (4 yrs ago), history of high blood pressure & high cholesterol (both controlled with meds), and long-term Cumadin use, his PCP has ordered a repeat scan of his heart (last scan was in June ’16). I’ve never heard of this type of issue (fluid around the kidneys). Could you please tell me common causes. My husband and his two siblings live away from their parents, so none of us are able to attend doctor’s visits to ask questions. We are all concerned and want to be informed/educated.

The problem that you describe is a urological problem.  I am a nephrologist and do not have any expertise in this area.  A growth with fluid around it is not something I am familiar with.  I suggest that you discuss this with a urologist.



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