My husband was going to be my live donor by using the swap kidney program, transpant surgery had already been scheduled, but got word from his family doctor that his psa level showed up abnormal so they sent him to do a biopsy on his prostate. and discovered he did have traces of very early stages of cancer, they cancelled the transplant, was told to wait and let him recover from surgery and took me off live donor list. My husband asked his doctor if he could still do the kidney transplant, he stated he did not see why not, the whole prostate had been removed and his gleason level was 3.4, Would it be possible for him to still do the transplant surgery.

There are no national standards for accepting someone as a living kidney donor.  Each individual transplant center determines the criteria they will use to accept a living kidney donor.  The goal is to do no harm and avoid injury or further illness to the living donor.  In this case, having two surgeries within a short time may pose more risk than the transplant center feels comfortable with.  The final judgement is by the transplant surgeons participating in the care of you and your husband.


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