Sir, I am from Andhra Pradesh. As below my right knee I feel itching frequently and observed very light black spot measuring approximately 3 cm I felt that skin allergy is indication of future ailments of kidney, liver or heart. My father, at present no more, who underwent stent operation always having the problem that I have at present. So I visited the doctor to know what the exact reason to my itching was and how my kidneys works. During the scanning my left kidney has been diagnosed as contracted kidney which measures 6.2 X 2.7 cm only. Whereas my right kidney is in good condition having measures 12.3 X 5.4 cm. I have no bad habits like smoking & drinking among others. In addition I am purely vegetarian. I wondered why it has happened. Whether it is genetic? I have few questions to be clarified by experts like you which are as follows: 1. Which acts are need to convert contracted kidney as good working kidney? 2. What are the reasons for contracted kidney? 3. After birth of any human being how many years are needed to have full growth kidney? 4. Contracted kidney means “Shrinking of kidney after having full growth kidney having no growth after few years” 5. As per measurement how many years my left kidney has grown and what is the reason for its stopping of full-grown. 6. Can you confirm whether my contracted kidney has became shrink after full grown or stopped to grown midway? 7. Whether there is a possibility to regain good kidney in place of my contracted kidney without any operation and by following good food habits. 8. Whether genetic is also one reason for contracted kidney? 9. Whether there is a possibilities to contracted kidney to shrink further. If yes whether it will affect another kidney in future? Which measures are necessary to discourage this?

Finding a small contracted kidney commonly occurs as you have described. It is incidentally discovered during a scan for other reasons.  It is impossible to tell why the kidney is small and contracted.  The most likely reason is because you were born with a small left kidney.  Once a kidney is small and contracted, it cannot be made to grow and return to a normal size. The goal of care at this point should be to protect your remaining normal kidney and prevent any damage to this kidney.  I recommend that you continue to monitor your kidney function with annual testing of your blood and urine.  There is no treatment necessary for the small and contracted kidney.

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