Dear Doctor, My father (Age 67) is losing lot of protein through urine. He was suspected for Multiple Myeloma but his PET scan and bone marrow biopsy reports were absolutely normal. But the protein loss is still going on and that is causing him lot of weakness. We did his Kidney Functioning Test but that showed nothing serious. He was admitted to ICU because of some urine infection during which lot of water was accumulated in his body. He had swelling on his whole body which now is going away through diuretic medicines prescribed by his cardiologist. Is this related to Kidney or Blood?

Protein in the urine (known as proteinuria) is a finding in kidney disease.  It is first necessary to find out exactly how much protein is spilling into the urine.  If that protein loss is more than 3 grams per day, then he may have the nephrotic syndrome.  If this is the case, a kidney biopsy is often required to make a specific diagnosis.  I suggest consultation with a nephrologist to determine the amount of protein lost in the urine and if a kidney biopsy is warranted.

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