My Father is suffering kidney disease from last 5 years, his current creatinine is 4.52 (tested on Jan 31 2017) and was 4.25 (on Jan 14 2017). In this moment his local doctor gave him some medicine (Amlocal, prajopies, renvela, Dicaltol, Tigiror, Fusict,Feyofax,viscotin etc). Among those Renvela & Viscotin is newly suggested. Doctor suggest us to observe him for 7 days with those medicines, then Hospitalize our patient. After hospitalization, they will give him antibiotic. I have calculated GFR in online and found its already 13mL/min/1.73 m2. By judging the above information, can you suggest me about my father’s treatment?

I am not able to recommend medical treatment without performing a complete history and physical examination. Your father appears to have advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD). I suggest that you continue to consult with your father’s physician as to appropriate treatment and follow up.

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