A week ago I went to the ER with what I thought was a kidney stone attack. I’m 80 yrs old and in general good health. Some years ago I had an attack and had one or two stones removed from a kidney. In the ER they did a scan to show to their Urologist. The scan showed I had a very large cyst on my right kidney and that cyst, depending upon scan view “slice” showed it surrounding a stone. The left kidney was free of any shown cysts and normal. The scan showed the cyst to be round and symmetrical, not tumor like. At the moment I’m awaiting a decision from the Urologist re how to proceed. The Urologist told me initially upon looking at the scan, “it looks like a very difficult case”. The Urologist has since taken ultrasound views of the affected kidney area supposedly to show and review with a Radiologist. From what I’m thinking, the treatment plan might be for the Radiologist to aspirate the cyst then the Urologist to “roof” the cyst and then go in and remove the stone. After the initial stone, intense pain, I took a couple of pain killers and the severe pain subsided and it’s been “low grade” ever since. Sitting or bending certain ways can bring on the pain, but otherwise it’s continually like a mild tooth ache. It seems to be taking time for my Urologist to come up with a treatment plan and date for a procedure. Is the treatment for my condition one that requires any experience/training beyond what a typical Urologist and Radiologist would be doing on a regular basis. Are there any Medicare _+ Medigap insurance issues covering such a procedure.

I am a nephrologist and have no surgical expertise.  A urologist is a surgeon and has expertise in the surgical treatment of kidney stones and complex cysts of the kidney.  I suggest that you continue to consult with your urologist.



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