Have three queries for transplant patients 1. When bp is never constant and it goes up when one goes for morning walk or for that matter any physical movement results in bp number. If this is true then why patients are advised to keep blood pressure within a range of 120 to130/80 to 90. Is there any range for max and min after physical exercise. How much mental anxiety or stress impacts BP? 2. Cholesterol reducing medicine mostly statin is prescribed for the patients. Does intake of this medicine for long period of time affect the kidney? 3. Should patients plan volume and timing for this water intake for the day? Thanks doc as always.

The standard way to take blood pressure is to take the blood pressure sitting for 5 minutes.  Exercise and physical activity increase the blood pressure and this is normal.  The normal blood pressures that you quote are for 5 minutes sitting comfortably in a chair with your arms at rest.  You should not take your blood pressure until you rest if you use the normals that you quote.  Statins do not have any ill effects as long as they are monitored.  Statins can cause muscle injury in some individuals that can affect kidney function, however, statins have also prevented heart attacks in kidney patients.  This is why they are used.  Water intake can be at any time and the kidney can handle the water intake whenever it is.

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