Hello, My 9 year old son recently had an renal ultrasound to look for kidney stones, etc. We don’t follow up with the nephrologist for over a month, and I’m curious about ultrasound report. The nurse told me on the phone that he didn’t have kidney stones, and this is what the report actually says: 1. Mild right pelviectasis in the prone position only (7 mm). 2. Otherwise normal sonographic appearance of the kidneys. No definite calcifications are seen. In the prone position only, there is mild right pelviectasis (SFU grade 1 bordering on 2) with AP diameter of the pelvis measuring 7 mm. I assume the pelviectasis isn’t serious since the nurse didn’t bring it up on the phone, but never having heard the term before, I tried to research it. The only references I can find refer to fetal pelviectasis, and I can’t find anything about this condition in a 9 year old child. I’m also curious about it only being seen in the prone position. Does this point to the possibility of some sort of blockage, or is it likely just a physiological finding? Is it unusual in a child his age?

Pelviectasis (also called pelvocaliectasis) merely means a separation of the collecting system or pelvis of the kidney detected by the ultrasound device.  It does not suggest any disease, unless there are symptoms or signs of blockage and none are described.  I am unable to interpret the kidney ultrasound without performing a complete history and physical examination on your son.  I suggest that you ask the nephrologist when you meet with him or her in the future.

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