I am writing on behalf of a friend from Turkmenistan. My friend is studying in China and does not know much English, which complicates things. But from what I can gather, his father is having a problem with kidney stones. His father has only one kidney, and last year he had an operation to remove his kidney stones. However, according to my friend, the operation was not that successful because many kidney stones still remain. His father does not want an operation, but wants to know if there is medicine or any other treatment he can have to get rid of the kidney stones. According to my friend, the type of kidney stones his father has are called “korall.” He sent me some photos, and it looks like this many has had a LOT of kidney stones removed already. Do you have any advice for my friend and his father, or do you have any suggestions as to what my next step should be in finding an answer for him?

I am not familiar with “korall” stones.  The problem that you pose is a urological problem.  Consultation with a urologist, who is a surgeon, would be most appropriate.

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