I understand the kidneys functions are to remove toxins from the blood. This will probably sound like a very strange question, however, I have no one else to ask. If someone has injected themselves with bacteria and instead of causing an abscess it gets absorbed, does that mean that bacteria gets filtered through the kidney, and can that cause a kidney infection? Can the kidney infection then lead to cysts (which have recently shown up on ultrasound) and if so, are they likely to be considered “simple” or polycystic? Also, this person is currently being treated for kidney infections and psychiatric disorders.

Bacteria in the blood can cause infection in the kidneys, but I am not sure this will lead to cysts in the kidney.  Bacteria in the kidney causes acute pyelonephritis and this typically results in scars in the kidney rather than cysts.  I am unable to make any specific diagnosis based on the information that you provide.


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