My aunt had stomach cancer surgery 2 weeks ago and developed complications, one of which is her kidneys are not functioning properly. They are talking about dialysis. How many treatments would be standard and would she have to be on it the rest of her life? Right now she is not aware enough to make the decisions for herself. We were also wondering if the kidney function would be part of the problem making her incoherent. Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.

In this situation, you must consult with the physicians who are caring for your aunt.  I am unable to provide a prognosis or recommendations for treatment without knowing the complete medical history of your aunt and performing a complete examination.  If this is acute kidney injury, then the dialysis may be temporary.  If there is permanent kidney damage, then long term dialysis may be needed.  I suggest that your family consult with the nephrologist and oncologist who are caring for your aunt.  They would best be able to provide recommendations for further care.

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