Recent test shows my folic acid level are low and urea levels just above normal. I am a little underweight and my BP is around 97/67. I follow a healthy low protein diet. Currently my egfr is 45 and albumin 43g/l. I have just been prescribed folic acid tablets. I predominantly follow a vegetarian diet with occasional non-veg diet. Recently, I couldn’t sleep very well and was feeling extremely tired which made me do the tests. In addition to this, I am feeling very hungry most of the time even though I eat enough. I am concerned taking more food would affect my kidneys. Any changes that you can suggest to improve my health.

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you provide.  A folic acid deficiency can be seen with strict vegetarians.  Folic acid deficiency causes a macrocytic anemia.  I do not identify any kidney disease, based on the information that you provide.  You should continue to consult with your physician.



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