Respected doctor, I’m from India. My age is 23 years. I’m suffering from nephrotic syndrome. The nephrologist doctor said to me that they have to perform renal/kidney biopsy test before any treatment. So my question is… 1. Is that biopsy test is safe? 2. After biopsy test…will the treatment can cure the kidney disease? 3. Is that any kind of side effects of biopsy? Or after biopsy test treatment?

A kidney biopsy will yield a specific diagnosis which will then result in specific treatment.  It is not possible to predict a cure of the kidney disease, but specific diagnosis will result in more specific treatment options that must be weighed by your nephrologist.  A kidney biopsy is generally safe, with bleeding from the biopsy site and infection being the two most common complications, occurring in less than one in 200 kidney biopsies that are performed.  I recommend that you follow your doctors advice.



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