After ongoing recurring kidney infections and uti’s 9 years ago, an ultrasound scan diagnosed me with scarred kidneys. Ever since then I have had occasional flank pain (comes and goes) and more recently symptoms of constant thirst and fatigue. I am 22 years old and rarely drink alcohol (it causes next day kidney pain and tenderness if I do) and have a low protein intake. I also do not take any medication or have any other medical conditions. My question is could the scarring have caused ckd? Every time I go to my doctor (if pain/thirst increases) they send me away and tell me to “come back if it gets worse.” I’m not sure whether/how to ask for gfr or other tests to determine this as I get the impression they think I am too young to have ckd? (Even though I was diagnosed with the scarred kidneys at 17.) Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this has been ongoing for 9 years but I’m yet to have peace of mind.

I suggest that you ask to have a blood test for a serum creatinine and then use this to calculate your estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR).  You should also ask for a urine test for blood, protein and infection.  Using these tests, you can determine if there is kidney disease present.  You can access the equations used to calculate your eGFR on our web site at:

Once these tests are done, you can consult with your physician and ask him or her to explain the results.


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