I use Ultrafiltration Profile 2 and Sodium Modeling. I have used this for 8+ years and now a nurse is telling me it is not meant to be used for every treatment. Is this true and where can I read about it. Another nurse told me to use this profile because dialysis was causing my blood pressure to go extremely high and the UF Profile corrected this. (I gain 1- 3 kilos between treatments) My other question is that I went through a period that even though my dialysis machine showed I was on UF Profile 2 it did not act as it did in the past for about 6 months and then suddenly started to work as it had before. I asked the biomedical person can the programed UF Profile be altered and he said no. I had read that sodium can be added to the dialysate (hypertonic solution) but a nurse recently told me this is not used anymore. Do you know what would cause the UF Profile 2 to work, not work and work again.

I am not familiar with the term “Ultrafiltration Profile 2”.  I assume that this must be a setting on your dialysis machine that allows for a variable amount of fluid removal over time.  I suggest that you discuss your concerns with the nephrologist who is ordering this treatment and supervising your dialysis care.


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