In the last 3 years, my GFR has dropped from 114 to 81 with a creatinine increase from 0.6 to 0.8. I understand my numbers are within normal ranges but are these changes indicative of early stage CKD? In 2013, a protein electrophoresis, 24 hr urine and immunofixation gave unusual results. Albumin level was high and the interpretation of results noted “pattern consistent with mixed glomerular and tubular proteinuria.” This test has not been repeated since 2013. I have the diagnoses of medullary sponge kidney and nephrocalcinosis but have been told these conditions don’t result in changes of kidney function. GFR and creatinine numbers come from periodic CMP ordered by my current primary care physician and the electrophoresis was ordered by my previous primary care physician when I lived in a different state. I’m not seeing a nephrologist so my GFR numbers aren’t being monitored. Should I start seeing a nephrologist?

Medullary sponge kidney (MSK) and nephrocalcinosis can cause chronic kidney disease (CKD).  I suggest that you discuss your concerns with your new primary care physician (PCP).  You can read more about MSK and nephrocalcinosis on our web site at:

There is also a web site at the National Institutes of Health that has information at:


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