My Mother is CKD Stage-V patient and is on dialysis for the last 2 & half years. She takes very less quantity of food and on medication as per the Doctor’s advice. She is on dialysis weekly twice and over a period of 2 & half years, her weight reduced from 74 Kgs. to 55 Kgs. Recently, I observed that she is frequently experiencing lose motion problem. Day time (lunch) she takes only one / two cups of rice with 1 cup of vegetables & a small cup of buttermilk. In the night (dinner) if she feels well, then she takes 1 or two chapati or Idli (2 Nos.) with chutny or 1 or two Dosas with less oil. In case she is not feeling well due to lose motions, only she takes one Idli with sugar, oral satchets & butter milk. My concern about my mother is — would you please advise suitable diet and remedial course of action / medicine for lose motions. My Mother’s age is 69 years. She is under Doctor’s advise. But for lose motion problem, he didn’t say any thing or giving any medicine. Kindly help me in this regard.

I am not able to provide medical advice without performing a complete history and physical examination.  Your mother is having loose bowel motions (diarrhea) but I cannot make a specific diagnosis.  Hence, it is best that you address your concerns to the physicians who are caring for your mother.  There are many causes of diarrhea and I believe she will need a complete evaluation and a specific diagnosis in order for a specific treatment to be administered. I am not sure diet will make any difference.  I suggest further consultation with her physician.


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