I am a 47 year-old white male, non-smoker since 1997, occasional drinker, BP controlled w/5Mg lisinopril and no diabetes. On January 31, 2017 I had a checkup. My bloodwork revealed a 2.3 Creatinine level with a 36 BUN and microscopic hematuria. I was on a higher protein diet for the 30 days previous to this test. I returned a week later (after moderating my protein intake) for a retest and my numbers had dropped to 1.8 creatinine and 26 BUN. A subsequent test yesterday revealed a Creatinine level of 1.7 and Bun of 38. Dry CT (no contrast since my GFR was 43) of abdomen and pelvis revealed a thickened bladder. Having a cystoscopy in the near future. Is there hope to be found in the fact that my creatinine levels keep declining? If I have an underlying bladder obstruction/issue that is resolvable, is it possible that my kidney function could improve? Or are they simply damaged to the point they are now and I need to nurse them through the rest of my life?

I am not able to provide a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present.  Your kidney disease could be on the basis of blockage.  I agree that you should have an evaluation for your bladder and then monitor your kidney function to see if it improves.  I cannot provide a prognosis based on the information that you present.  I suggest that you continue to follow your physician’s advice.

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