I am in desperate need of some answers or guidance. My sister suffers from kidney disease and has had to have both removed. I have seen her deteriorate so quickly, she has dialysis 4 times per week. I am not able to donate due to medical condition nor is my daughter. Two of my brothers passed away quickly and my other brother is vulnerable to kidney stones. I do not want to lose another sibling and I am desperately seeking any advice at all. I know she is on a waiting list, but does not seem to be moving at all. I believe she has been on dialysis for at least 7-8 years, I am aware of the odds. Please can you advise me in what I can do?

If your sister has no living donors, then she must wait on the transplant list for a cadaver donor to be available.  There is no way to hasten the process.  Kidneys are assigned to patients on the list by time on the list and characteristics of the donated kidney compared to the characteristics of your sister.  I can only suggest patience from you and your sister.

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