Hi! I wanted to know how long the best patients with a kidney transplant have lived. The question is also if those involved in kidney transplant research would like to study my dad’s case. My dad was transplanted some 36 years ago, and we were just discussing that’s been a pretty long time and a pretty good time. He has had health issues, but the kidney has always behaved. The funny story is that when he switched to a new doctor, the new nephrologist didn’t believe that he was trasplanted because the blood test results were great. It was when he explored him, touched his tummy and felt the kidney, that he said “wow! You are indeed transplanted!” We are now taking care of a likely effect of the medicine he has taken for life to keep the kidney safe, and that is what has brought us to look back to our life and how good it’s been to be together this long. If you’d like to contact us, please feel free. We would be happy to share the story as well as any information that would be of benefit to future patients. I personally cannot thank enough his surgeon, the donor and those that made this possible. My dad has been my greatest friend ever, my guidance, my family and a joy.

Congratulations to your father and to you.  This is a testament to his overall health, his adherence to his medical treatment and the miracle of transplantation.  The first successful kidney transplant was done in 1954, so kidney transplantation has only been around about 63 years (since 1954).


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