I just received my MRI results for my lower back. Included in the report a notation about cortical cysts on right kidney. I have had fatigue, raised blood pressure, currently on medication for diabetes and other related symptoms to PKD. I am the daughter of a positive hep c paternal father who infected my mother and carried to fetus. I have never been tested. I have had two surgeries to remove bladder cysts, they were benign but I was still given an interferon wash internally. In a previous sonogram I learned that I had an enlarged liver. Dr. did not seem alarmed at that time. I do not know where to begin first. I am very scared and lost.

I am unable to provide a specific diagnosis based on the information that you provide.  I suggest that you contact your primary care physician (PCP).  When there are a number of issues to deal with, I find it best to establish with a PCP and work through the issues over a period of time.  A PCP is best trained to deal with a number of issues and advise you over a period of time.  If further consultation is needed, your PCP can provide a referral for specific consultation.

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