4/4/15 I had blood work done, my creatine was 0.9 and my GFR was 84. I went back on 6/30/15 due to having episodes of vertigo, nausea, extreme fatigue and extreme bloating and pressure. My creatine level was 1.2 and my GFR was 57. My doctor told me I was probably a little dehydrated and said to retest in a couple weeks. However, she made it sound like nothing so I never went back. I just got into my patient portal and saw these results along with some further back as well. After doing some research and talking with a friend of mine that’s a nurse, I learned that creatine levels that increase by .2 or .3 are considered a severe decline in kidney functioning. This would explain alot of my symptoms over the past couple of years. Such as, always feeling tired, extreme bloating and pressure, flat pain, discomfort when I pee (farther up my urethra and not a burning). I’ve already made an appointment with my PCP for tomorrow, but I’m nervous about how to talk with her about this. Any suggestions on how to go about getting her to do more extensive blood work? Also, do you think I’m over reacting or is what I learned true and I could have kidney disease?

A rise in the serum creatinine from 0.9 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl) to 1.2 would not be considered a remarkable decline in your kidney function.  I would suggest that you have re-testing to include both blood and urine testing for your kidneys. Based on your description, this was likely related to dehydration but your physician should be able to perform further testing to re-assure you.

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