A very close family friend was just told he has 3% function of his kidneys. Our friend is quite healthy, goes to the gym often, eats well, urinates just fine, but he went to the doctor for the first time as an adult (he’s always been pretty healthy) because of leg cramping. He did blood work then all of a sudden he finds out about all of this. It is really all so strange. There are no signs of anything other than in the blood work. I guess that is all that is needed. He is going to see a Nephrologist in the area, but he was also inquiring about doing anything holistically. I love our friend like a brother. We would love any information or advice.

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present.  The first thing that is needed to try and make a specific diagnosis as to the cause of the kidney disease.  In some cases this may be acute kidney disease, which might be reversible.  If this is chronic kidney disease (CKD) then treatment may be needed such as dialysis or transplantation.  In most cases, further testing and perhaps a kidney biopsy could be necessary to tell the difference between acute and CKD.  I suggest that you await an opinion of the nephrologist so as to develop a specific diagnosis and then treatment recommendations should follow from the specific diagnosis.


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